3 Levels of Vehicle Signage

There is generally 3 levels of vehicle signage or wraps, and depending on what you are trying to achieve, one of them will work best for you.

IMG 60061. The ‘I am here’ door graphic is a basic logo on the front doors of your car. This will identify you to your client as the one they called upon. It is also used regularly by large corporations as an identifier rather than a strong marketing tool. 2. ‘Middle of the road’ graphics, a mix of words and logos that will express your services to those that are looking is effective to a point. Kind of being stuck in the middle you may feel like you should actually be choosing option 1 or 3. 3. The ‘neck snapper’ half or full wrap is the ultimate A Grade customer attractor. If designed correctly this will draw customers to your business just by being on the road. A vehicle wrap gives the opportunity to showcase your brand and services to anyone and everyone who sees it. Look around as you are on the road and note what stands out to you and you will get a good sense of the type of vehicle signage that will work best for you. For as little as a few dollars a day you can achieve maximum impact for your business with a car wrap.
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