Pull Up Banners - The Difference!

Pull up banners have become a product that is sold purely on price in most corners of the industry. Is there more to a pull up banner than price?

IMG 5902 Yes, it’s called service! While all banners may seem the same, it is when there is a problem or you need it fast that it makes a big difference. At MotoSign our pull up banners are printed on high resolution machines that are made for printing automotive standard graphics, in short, the won’t fade or look like a low quality print. We offer to change the print over when you need a new banner rather than throwing out the unit for a new one. If you damage your unit or banner we will do our best to repair it, or replace it if it is the fault of us or the manufacturer. If time is of the essence we are able to turn you job around in a matter of hours rather than days. Try getting that service from an low price online printer!
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