Custom made flags are one of our specialties. Beach flags, teardrop flags, bali flags are all different types of flsgs we produce. Whether it is a single flag or 100 we can supply your needs. We also supply a range of base options including spike base, flat metal base, rotating wall mount, angled wall mount, water bag weights, car wheel base.

Flags will atttract attention to your business or event and can easily be transported or stored.

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A Frames

A Frame signs are a great way to get your message in front of people whether it be on the footpath or at an event.

600x900 is the standard A Frame size while they do come in 900x1200 and 1200x1800 as well. We are capable of custom building an A Frame sign to your specifications if the standard sized do not suit.

Face panels of fixed Colorbond or interchangeable Coreflute are available depending on your needs.

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Pull Up Banners

Pull up banners are the ideal promotional tool for your showroom or your sales person on the go.

Available in the standard size of 850x2000 they are also available in other sizes on request and come with either the standard swuare base or the premium teardrop base.

The standard base is perfect when an economical solution is needed while the teardrop base offers a classier look and more robust construction if you are freghting the banner around.

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Media Walls

The media wall is for the serious exhibitionist, light weight, compacts and constructs in seconds and looks great as a backdrop to you exhibit or media conference.

The pull out frame and velcro material wall stays together as you fold it away so there is no wrestling the material to get it back on. Simply unfold the wall, a few click later it is ready to go.

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Outdoor Banners

An oldy but a goody, the outdoor banner is a great way of getting a large message across in a more temporary manner.

Banners can have sewn edges and eyelets for easy hanging or can have KADAR edging for sliding into a baneer rail on the side of a building.

Wind holes or mesh banners are avaiable for windy areas and builders hoarding banner can also be supplied in large or small quantites.

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Pop Up Tents

Custom printed pop up tents give the professional look to you sporting team or event.

Put your logos and colour allover the top and walls to show off your brand.

The tents are available in 3m x 3m, 3m x 6m and a number of different quality / weight options.

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