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Create a fun and inviting environment for your kid's bedrooms or set the scene on a blank wall in the famiy room.
A printed wall graphic is sure to set your freinds talking and you kids shreiking with joy.
We can help choose the perfect picture or you can supply your own, whether it be a pattern, drawing, cartoon or photo it will look great on your wall.
Why not start planning your talking point now!

We use Avery specialty wall films as they are the best available and are backed by a manufacturer warranty.

Avery MPI 2611 WALL FILM is a smooth, satin white, polymeric calendered vinyl film designed specifically for wall graphic applications where excellent dimensional stability after application, removability and excellent print quality are required. Laminate can be added for extra protection in high traffic situations.

Avery MPI 2631 (removable) and 2636 (permanant) TEXTURED WALL FILMS give you the ability to add a textured touch your creative genius - allowing you to create stylish indoor wall graphics. Featuring a low gloss, vinyl film with a removable or permanant adhesive. Choose from three textured films; PURE CANVAS, CRUSHED STONE or NATURAL STUCCO to bring ordinary wall graphics to life.

• Flexible satin white premium polymeric calendered vinyl face film DESIGNED FOR INTERNAL GRAPHICS.
• PREMIUM FILM with excellent printability across a range of technology and inks.
• SUPERIOR ADHESION technology that meets the demanding requirements of most wall surfaces.
• EASY AND CLEAN REMOVABILITY with heat for up to 1 year from smooth sound paint.
• SUITABLE FOR MOST WALLS – tested and recommended for use over many types of paints including high gloss, semi-gloss and satin.

• Internal wall graphics
• Retail wall graphics
• Exhibition wall graphics
• Wall decorations
• Internal window graphics


• It is important that the wall where the wall graphic is being placed is painted with the correct type of paint and allowed to dry sufficiently before install.
• Paint the wall with a quality, gloss or semi-gloss paint.
• Paint the wall with a quality, gloss or semi-gloss paint. Note: Do not use matt paint or paint with silicone, graffiti-resistant, texture or other additives that will cause our Avery decals to loose adhesion when applied to theses paints.
• Allow the final coat of paint to dry for at least 7 days (at ambient dry conditions) before applying graphics to the wall. Reference the paint manufacturer’s instructions for actual cure time, temperature and humidity recommendations for the paint.

View Avery documents on wall graphics and application here:



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