Vehicle Wrap Considerations

When considering your vehicle wrap there are three quality areas to look at Design, Material, Application. Design.

IMG 0262 It doesn’t matter how good your wrap is, if the design is not right then it will never look good. Vehicle signage design is different to every other type of graphic design. There are wheels, windows and door handles that intrude into the design space as well as the different curves and shapes of the body and a catching design will be in synergy with these features. Materials. There are two elements that make the material component of a vehicle wrap, the adhesive vinyl and the ink. It is important that your vehicle wrap is printed on a high quality vinyl made for the application. Some vinyls come with a product warranty while others have a product and labour warranty. Regarding ink, there are two acceptable types of in that will survive the test of time on a vehicle wrap. Solvent ink or latex ink, both are designed to stretch with the vinyl and are protected from sun damage. Other inks may fade or crack when stretched. Application of your vehicle wrap is the most important step when it comes to making sure your vehicle wrap will look good for many years to come. Experienced vehicle wrappers will clean the vehicle and remove lights and fixtures before starting. Special tools are used and specific procedures followed to protect the paint on your car. The wrong installer will compromise the entire job.
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