Vinyls Aint' Vinyls

Remember the advertising line Castrol Oils used back in the 80's, 'Oil's Aint' Oils', the same can be said for car wrap vinyls. While most will do the job, some will do it better than others.

IMG 2519It would be rare for a vehicle wrap to be quoted using incorrect vinyls or inks these days but there are still some vinyl and ink combinations that work better than others. Vinyl manufacturers will give a rating on their product, 5, 7 or 8 years etc but this is not a realistic life as the rating refers to unprinted vinyl and vertical application only. The real test of a vinyl quality is the warranty offered for both the product and labour components. The industry best offering is Avery 1105 with a Avery 6460 laminate, printed with either Roland Ecosol or HP Latex ink. The warranty is 3 year on the horizontal and 6 years on the vertical, Avery warrant both materials and labour - which is why MotoSign use this combination.
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